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"There are now more than 20,000 publications in the scientific literature that show significant biological effects from the use of cell phones. As you move your cell phone away from your head, the risk of radiation exposure decreases rapidly.
Regular cell phone headsets that come with your phone do nothing to protect you. In fact, they can actually increase your exposure because of the way they are constructed. The metal wire or cable in regular sets allows the radiation coming from your phone to easily travel up the wire or metal into your head. And if your phone has an antenna, it can attract other EMFs and increase your radiation exposure.
The Dr Mercola Blue Tube Headset uses hollow, air-filled tubes to convey sound stopping radiation from your phone traveling up the air-filled tubes to your head."
The Dr Mercola Blue Tube Headset "features advanced acoustic technology, delivering sound wave-based communications, hassle-free use by combining the following state-of-the-art features:
  • Enhanced speaker for louder, clearer sound
  • Designed internal wiring that reduces feedback and distortion
  • More ergonomic positioning – the sound chamber hangs freely in the air between your cheek and collar bone, reducing contact with your body
  • with dual earbuds and full stereo sound.
  • Furthermore, these headphones are great for kids, who are increasingly using phones, tablets, and handheld music devices, listening to music and sounds whilst playing games etc. when radio frequencies and WiFi are enabled.
    Use exactly as you would regular headphones. Try to be careful with them and place them in a safe compartment or bag when not in use! The sound on these earphones is fantastic!
    With the Dr Mercola Blue Tube Headset, "you effectively move your cell phone away from your head, reducing your exposure to radiation. Whether using it occasionally or regularly, you can feel comfortable that direct exposure to radiation is significantly reduced."

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