Eco by Sonya – Extreme Exfoliant Glove


Extreme Exfoliant Glove is unlike any other mitt because it exfoliates as a dry body buff and with body scrubs such as Eco by Sonya Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub or one of the Eco by Sonya body washes to reveal your skin at its very smoothest skin yet. The Eco by Sonya Extreme Exfoliant Glove is a little miracle worker! It can be used on ingrown hairs, flaky dry skin and rough, uneven skin... and on dirty & muddy skin too!! For best tanning results, it is essential that you exfoliate your skin beforehand to reveal fresh smooth skin – the perfect base to apply your tan. Our exfoliating mitt is the perfect tool to do so! We recommend using it with our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. Together this duo provide your skin with deep exfoliation and lasting hydration. Furthermore, this pair are also incredibly effective at removing old tan.
  • Use before showering as a dry body buff or with Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub to stimulate the lymphatic system by brushing over limbs and body in swift, firm strokes towards the heart
  • Use in the shower with water or with an Eco by Sonya Body Wash in smooth, circular motions all over face & body
  • Use 24-48 hours prior to tanning for perfect preparation
  • Perfect for removing old or unwanted tan to reveal smooth skin
  • Rinse the Eco by Sonya extreme exfoliating mitt after use and hang it up to dry (it can be hand washed)
  • Some miners in Queensland, Australia rave about the Eco by Sonya exfoliating mitt after a real dirty shift!


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