Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Wok (4pc set)


"Perfect for multiple-ingredient dishes, and stir fry, veggies, braised meats, steaming… even soup. Beautiful enough to go straight from stovetop to tabletop.
Radiant heat provides perfectly even cooking every time, from the deep inside to the outside.
Unlike other woks that can typically emit toxic fumes or leach chemicals into your food, the Mercola wok handles stir fry temps without bad-tasting or potentially dangerous leached chemicals or toxic fumes. And unlike electric woks, this one delivers the necessary heat for magnificent stir fry.
5 more things to love about it:
Non-scratch – accommodates nylon, silicone, & wood utensils
Versatile – extreme cold to extreme heat…Broil, grill, stovetop, frig…
Practical – reduced cooking times, keeps food warm longer
Healthy – no toxic fumes or chemical leaching
Earth-friendly – its safe ceramic glaze a viable alternative to harmful PFOA coatings of most other non-stick cookware
"Woks work better than a frying pan… use less oil, are easy to use for stir fry because the food stays in the wok where it belongs instead of spilling onto your stove. Your 11” wok is easy to use, easy to clean, moves from stovetop to tabletop to fridge in a breeze… "


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